01/05/2019: Functionality for enrolment under PMSBY and PMJJBY shall be under maintenance w.e.f. from 01/05/2019. Please keep watching Scroller for further updates.18/03/2019 SHG services will continue to be down for maintenance activities. Please bear with us and kindly wait for the restoration of SHG services. 17/03/2019:SHG services will be down for maintenance activities today,and will be resumed by end of day.kindly bear with us.16/03/2019 All CSPs to confirm possession of MATM Device allotted to them through MATM-Portal. Please visit URL : https://matmkiosk.onlinesbi.com/MicroAtmPortal/ Click on Menu : Confirm Device 15/03/2019 Modified Account Opening Issue Has Been Resolved 05/03/2019: Modified Account Opening Process has been enabled for all Branches. Please arrange to delete temporary files, cookies and close the browser. Re-open the browser and proceed with Customer Enrolment. Maker from linked branch is required to verify enrolled record and Checker is required to authorize the same for opening of CIF and Account Number. 19/02/2019 : In case of issues faced in account enrollment,Please logout of the application,delete the temporary files and restart the system. 02/02/2019 : Security Initiative: All users are hereby informed that as part of secure browser communication kiosk banking application will not be supported by old browsers like IE 10 and below after 6-Feb-2019. Hence all are requested to upgrade to IE 11 immediately.08/01/2019: NO FEE TO BE COLLECTED FROM CUSTOMERS FOR ENROLMENT /ACCOUNT OPENING WITH AN IMMEDIATE EFFECT. 04/12:IMPS LIMIT RS.5000 PER TRANSACTION & MONTHLY CEILING RS.25000 WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTION IN MUMBER OF TRANSACTION ON A SINGLE DAY FOR WALK IN CUSTOMERS”””30/11 : Usage of Magstripe ATM Debit Cards has been disabled. Please use Chip Based ATM Debit Card through SWIPE for transactions. 30/10:in light of Bank’s IS Policy , Maximum three login attempts shall be allowed on every failed login attempt at each time of logon.21/10: BUDDY SERVICES HAS BEEN DISABLED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. 12/10: EKYC CERTIFICATE GENERATION HAS BEEN DISABLED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. 11/10: CUSTOMER ENROLMENT THROUGH EKYC HAS BEEN DISABLED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. 02/10: Capturing of Mobile Number starting with 6 enabled in Kiosk. Capturing of Additional details of CSPs has been enabled in Kiosk. 01/09 : Premium Amount for PMJJBY has been revised quarter wise as per Govt. guidelines.01/09 : Refund of failed IMPS transaction can be taken through any CSP including CSP where original transaction was done. 13/08: New commission structure is introduced in FI Kiosk for MATM Deposit transaction for non-home customers. New Commission will be charged accordingly. 23/02: To resolve issue during login, please delete temp files and cookies and close the browser. Re-open browser and login again. 29/01/01: W.E.F. 01/02/2018, AEPS AND EKYC SERVICES SHALL BE AVAILABLE THROUGH RD DEVICES ONLY. LEGEND DEVICE USERS ARE ADVISED TO MIGRATE URGENTLY TO MORPHO OR PRECISION DEVICES BEFORE 01/02/2018. 18/12: DUE TO MAINTENANCE ACTIVITY AADHAR SEEDING SERVICES IS DISABLED. 23/10:Please arrange to upgrade to IE 11 urgently before enablement of RD services for Finger Print Device through your Device Vendor. .27/09: To resolve the issue of login, please delete history and temp files from Internet Browser and try to login.
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