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        16/10/2019: YONO Cash campaign rolled out from 01.09.2019 to 30.11.2019. Earn attractive commission.18/07/2019 : New complaint category for YONO Cash and BBPS have been enabled in CCPM Module for lodgement of complaints. 10/07/2019: Minor customer on-boarding with KYC ID Type 44: Liberalized KYC has been rolled out in Kiosk Channel. 06/07/2019:-Bharat Bill Payment System and YONO Cash has been rolled out w.e.f.01.07.2019. 22/06/2019: Mandatory Printing of receipts has been enabled for all transactions done through Kiosk Application. 06/06/2019: Functionality for enrolment under PMSBY and PMJJBY has been re-enabled.18/03/2019 SHG services will continue to be down for maintenance activities. Please bear with us and kindly wait for the restoration of SHG services. 16/03/2019 All CSPs to confirm possession of MATM Device allotted to them through MATM-Portal. Please visit URL : https://matmkiosk.onlinesbi.com/MicroAtmPortal/ Click on Menu : Confirm Device 05/03/2019: Modified Account Opening Process has been enabled for all Branches.02/02/2019 : Security Initiative: All users are hereby informed that as part of secure browser communication kiosk banking application will not be supported by old browsers like IE 10 and below after 6-Feb-2019. Hence all are requested to upgrade to IE 11 immediately.08/01/2019: NO FEE TO BE COLLECTED FROM CUSTOMERS FOR ENROLMENT /ACCOUNT OPENING WITH AN IMMEDIATE EFFECT. 04/12:IMPS LIMIT RS.5000 PER TRANSACTION and MONTHLY CEILING RS.25000 WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTION IN MUMBER OF TRANSACTION ON A SINGLE DAY FOR WALK IN CUSTOMERS.01/09 : Premium Amount for PMJJBY has been revised quarter wise as per Govt. guidelines.01/09 : Refund of failed IMPS transaction can be taken through any CSP including CSP where original transaction was done. 13/08: New commission structure is introduced in FI Kiosk for MATM Deposit transaction for non-home customers. New Commission will be charged accordingly. 23/02: To resolve issue during login, please delete temp files and cookies and close the browser. Re-open browser and login again. 23/10:Please arrange to upgrade to IE 11 urgently before enablement of RD services for Finger Print Device through your Device Vendor.
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